R.Ryan (Heavens Playground) - The Gift (Angels and Airwaves cover)

2009-07-03 15:50:29 by hplayground

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63OXUmp Gpew

http://youtube.com/hplayground - Heavens Playground youtube channel
http://myspace.com/hplayground - Heavens Playground myspace page

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Hey There!

2009-06-29 14:55:02 by hplayground

Hey There!

So we are a band called Heavens Playground. And from here on out here will be band's vocalist/bassist/guitarist Ryan.R
I'll introduce all of you to us.

Ryan.R (http://myspace.com/reinis182) - Vocals/bass/guitar
I.Jerman (no myspace) - Vocals/guitar
F.Edgar (no myspace) - Guitar/backvoc/screaming/shouting/whis pering/and stuff
D.Otter (http://myspace.com/davisudris) - Drums/mastering/recording/the studio master :D

We are from Europe, Latvia, Roja
We are recording our songs in our own home recording ''studio'' ''Birthdayparty records'', but it's completely unsigned label :D
And we are looking for a real record label in the U.S., cause we are planing to do our work there in the future. So if you work in a label, or you know someone who would like to work with us. Give us a message or something.

We are here, at newground for friends, fun, and checking out funny things. And offcourse to show ourselves to the world. :)

We're on twitter (hplayground)
Myspace (www.myspace.com/hplayground)
E-mail: heavens playground - hplayground@gmail.com, R.Ryan - switchme@inbox.lv, D.Otter - shootingdave@gmail.com

So, here we are. At newgrounds.com, and it looks like it's fun here.
Let's stay in touch

R.Ryan (hp)

in the photo Ryan. ;)

Hey There!